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"The Questor Tapes" is not currently available commercially on video. The only authorized video that I know of was a PAL format video from Great Britain, but it is long out of print. Every once in a while you can find someone selling a converted to NTSC copy of that tape on eBay and more recently on DVD-R. I have not purchased the DVD, but the copy I purchased on VHS from eBay a few years ago is of very good quality, so I expect at least that from the DVD. I do not sell nor make copies of this show as I am hoping Universal will release it soon.

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Project Questor

UPDATE: I have found a seller while searching with Google. I won't be posting a link to the site, but you can search for "HARD TO FIND FILMS" and "QUESTOR TAPES" in Google to get to the site. I have not bought from this seller, but they do say that their copy is a "very nice quality print."

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At 2/13/2007 9:40 AM, Blogger Mike Lynch

"I am fully functional."

Just clicked here while doing a search for QUESTOR TAPES. Like you, I have the Euro tape version of the movie. I have fond memories of the movie from seeing it as a kif in the 70s. That was a time when NO SCIFI was on TV. None. Zip.

I blog about cartooning mostly, and touch on things having to do with TOS.

Here's hoping that QUESTOR will one day be released!


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